The Next NASS is FEB 5th-6th

The NASS is held in one of the many iconic locales in Michigan. The 2024 Summit will take place at the International Banquet Center located in the Greektown district of Detroit.

The summit is held over two days with presentations and panels on space industry issues, trends and technology and focuses on understanding and taking advantage of defense and commercial opportunities in near-earth and low orbit space.

Thought leaders and policy makers who are envisioning and implementing the USA’s presence in space will provide context for the program. Prime contractors and program managers will brief attendees on their current and planned projects. They will be detailing the needs and opportunities available to the USA’s supplier network.

Summit Subject Areas:

  • Quantum Computing: Exploring the transformative potential of quantum computing in space missions, including optimization of trajectory calculations, data analysis, and simulation of complex systems.
  • Autonomy & Autonomous Systems: Advanced autonomous systems technologies for use in ground and aerial vehicles as well as automation technologies for operational environments.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Integration of AI in space systems, from autonomous spacecraft operations to intelligent decision-making, and the role of AI in enhancing mission success rates.
  • Machine Learning: Examining the application of machine learning algorithms in processing vast amounts of space data, improving image recognition, anomaly detection, and enabling more efficient resource allocation.
  • Cybersecurity: Addressing the emerging challenges in securing space systems from cyber threats and highlighting strategies to fortify the resilience of space infrastructure and communication networks.

Whether it is the Pentagon’s new Space Force, nano/microsatellite networks, or Missile Defense Systems, near earth outer space is becoming crowded with business opportunities. Growth focused enterprises who aspire to be part of the next generation of high tech companies will benefit from attending this event.

The focus of MAMA’s North American Space Summit (NASS) is to provide an educational and networking forum for aerospace stakeholders from academia, government and commercial organizations.

 Breakfast Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that the AFRL Regional Hub Network – Midwest is the official sponsor for breakfast on October 2nd for the 2023 NASS!

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Regional Hub Network – Midwest at Purdue University is a pilot initiative designed to create a new science and technology ecosystem for partners from universities, businesses, government agencies, and venture capitalists.

AFRL Regional Hub Network – Midwest

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“NASS 2020 was one of the best space-related events I’ve attended. The presenters were great, the content was enlightening, and the opportunity to meet others in the industry was unsurpassed.”

“Very informative, great environment for fostering collaboration.”

“The NASS 2020 conference was very well organized and facilitated by MAMA and partners and had excellent relevant content with inspiring presentations and great questions/dialogue amongst the participants. Looking forward to follow on discussions and actions!”

“I left the NASS re-energized. It was inspiring to collaborate with such a dedicated and talented group. The opportunities to work within the aerospace sector were brought to life and I look forward to working with new collaborative partners.”

“See you next year!”

“I really appreciated NASS being an intersection of Michigan launch and space, national and international space, and space policy. The content was phenomenal.”

“The 2019 Space Symposium was an impressive event that included enlightening presentations and high-level networking proving that Michigan is NOT flyover country. My team and I are looking forward to the 2020 event. Anyone involved in space launch should make it a priority to attend, even if for only one day.”

F. Whiten Peters, former Secretary of the Air Force